Why You Should Choose Fire Glass

All of us are spending more time outside than ever. With the current state of the world, our backyards have become a space to escape and relax. As the leaves change, the air gets crisper, and pumpkin spice lattes are in everyone’s hands, a comfy outdoor space sounds like what we all need right now. 


Nothing sounds better than gathering around a fire with comfy chairs, soft blankets, and warm drinks. While we all love a good wood-burning fire pit, for some, the better option is fire glass. The choice offers many benefits. From a variety of color to low maintenance, this option can easily be the right one.

Wood out, fire glass in

Fire glass rose in popularity in the early 2000s. Previously, ceramic wood logs were all the rage in gas and propane fire features. There are many beneficial similarities, the ceramic wood offers far fewer aesthetic choices while fire glass comes in many sizes, shapes, and colors. They are also low maintenance, non-flammable, and safe.

The Low Maintenance Option

Compared to wood-burning fire pits, fire glass is low maintenance. Wood burning fire pits often must be monitored, including replacing logs when necessary, monitoring the height of the flames, and the cleanup of the soot, which can be a pain. While wood has its benefits, it is not always the right choice for each situation. Make sure to analyze yours and choose appropriately. Fire glass burns at a higher temperature and regulates heat much better. It’s efficient. While not designed to be used in a wood-burning pit, it is perfect for propane or natural gas. 


Unlike traditional fire pits with wood, there is very little need for cleanup. If you are using propane, it is possible that some of the glass will blacken and will need attention. Propper cleaning will keep this from happening. For those of us who would rather do something other than clean the contents of a fire pit, this is a deciding factor. 

Fire pit filled with fire glass

Every Color for Every Situation

While fire glass’ low maintenance is a strong selling point for many customers, the abundance of different aesthetic options is the cherry on top. They come in so many colors that it is hard to keep track. Do a quick google search. How many colors turned up? How many pages can you go through and see different colors and different shapes? Your choice of color, shape, and size allows you to create the look you desire. 


Fire glass is more than just glass. It’s a cool glass….literally. Rapid cooling is part of the tempered glass process. Using regular glass in your fire can be quite dangerous. Untreated glass can pop and possibly shoot out of your fire. The glass must have gone through the tempering process. Glass scraps from windows and bottles are re-melted and re-processed. The tempering process makes the glass four times stronger, making it perfect for fire glass and things like windshields and computer screens. Rapid cooling is part of one of the contributing factors to strengthening the glass. Cooling the glass so quickly causes the outside to cool quicker than the inside. “As the center of the glass cools, it tries to pull back from the outer surfaces. As a result, the center remains in tension, and the outer surfaces go into compression, which gives the tempered glass its strength.”  

Finding the right type of glass won’t be hard with so many options to choose from. Reflective, fire beads, and zircon are just some. Each style is created in its own way. For example, reflective glass is tempered glass but has a mirror finish on one side. Unlike the classic fire glass, this may cause some to have a sharp edge and may not be the right fit for you. The lack of clean up and the beautiful colors are what makes the glass such a popular choice. You can use it in a fire pit, in a vase, a shallow bowl as a centerpiece, or in your garden. The brilliant colors can add a pop anywhere. Whether you are looking for low maintenance or bright color to add to your back yard, fire glass might be the right choice for you. Its durability lends to its long-lasting appeal as well as the endless amount of color options. It’s safe, non-toxic, and creates a beautiful glow that you cannot help but enjoy.


Find out how much fire glass you need and then give Transblue a call. We will help bring your fire to life. 

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