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What do you need to know about pavers installation?

If you considered pavers as addition to your home, you probably heard that they might move after the installation, which is not something that you want to experience.

Here is what you need to know about installation process (and you can discuss it with your vendor), so this won’t happen to you:

  1. Base – This is the most important part. Without a good base, your pavers can start moving around before you know it. For the high-quality base, you need a solid gravel, about 6” deep, plus 1” of sand or small crushed gravel and height of your pavers, of course (which adds up to approximately 10” depth). After digging is done, existing soil must be compacted. Next important part is drainage. You don’t want puddles of water under your pavers, because with time it will destroy the base.
  2. Sleeving – Sleeve is a pipe that allows to run any type of wiring or irrigation in the future. This will protect you from being in situation when you need to choose – “wires or pavers?”. Sleeve helps to add anything to your backyard in a smooth manner.
  3. Quality matters – Correctly installed pavers should last for decades, so you should pick good quality materials for your pavers which will look good even 10 years after the installation. Otherwise, what is the point of all hard work that you put into the installation? Also, don’t forget about thickness of your pavers. You don’t want something too thin, if you want it to last. Good recommended thickness of pavers is 1.5” – 2”.
  4. Edging – After pavers are set and look good, edges need to be taken care of, because edges is most vulnerable part or the paver construction. Paver restraint and spikes (or pins) need to be installed outside right up next to the paver to hold it in place. The edging also should have gravel underneath.
  5. Polymeric sand – will prevent weed from growing in between pavers.

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