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Deck Materials: What materials are right for you?

Choosing decking materials used to be easy, because there was one choice: wood. It came in a few different species, but apart from that, the choice was simple. These days, you can choose between many different natural surfaces, as well as a range of composite and artificial decking materials that may extend the life and reduce the maintenance costs of your deck

There are four basic options for decking material – Painted Fir, Hardwood, Synthetic material, or treated wood.  Once this has been decided the next stage of decision making takes place: the finish, texture, color and cost. This is a personal choice and your geographical location and weather may play a factor in this decision.  Whatever the decision may be, extending your living and entertaining space is always a welcomed investment!

Before and After deck

Painted Fir

This is the material of choice for millions of homes for all over the United States. This is a great choice for covered porches or semi protected areas. There are also options to stain this wood. This is a fun way to personalize an area with your choice of color paint, but it will need to be repainted ever 5-8 years. Extend your interior home colors outdoors for a streamlined feel for your property.



Some options are teak, walnut, cedar and redwood. This choice will need to be sealed if you want to maintain the initial color of the wood. This is an expensive product, but will result in a sophisticated long-lasting Deck. This option does have some maintenance attached to it, if you desire to keep it sealed. If you are okay with the wood silvering and weathering, it is low maintenance.

Synthetic Decking

synthetic deck


A UV resistance product has no maintenance attached to it, which could be appealing to be busy family. Composite decking’s greatest advantage is also its greatest weakness, in the minds of some: it’s not a natural material. There are options with wood grain look if you are looking for a ‘wood type’ style. Or they can be a solid color for personalization. Some still find this choice to be a very personal decision just from the sheer fact it has a plastic feel to it.



Treated WoodTreated Wood

This is a commonly used product that is both low maintenance and low cost. Stains for this wood provide a huge expansion of possibilities. This has created a decking option that can be both weather- resistant and beautiful.


The main factors for your decision on decking material will be cost, visual appearance, and maintenance. When faced with making a choice, homeowner’s need to understand that creating useable space outdoors is by far one of the smartest renovating decisions they can make. Weigh the pros and cons of each option, but feel confident that investing in the outdoors is not only good for your family, it’s good for your largest asset; your home.

We’re confident that you will enjoy your new extended living space whatever product you choose!

Call us today to help you plan, decide, and install your new outdoor deck!


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Retaining wall, synthetic turf and deck extension

new synthetic turf and retaining wall

Transblue has one more residential project under its belt.

This project includes new retaining wall, synthetic turf and deck extension. Just take a look at this backyard’s beautiful transformation!

Backyard with no lawn     Backyard with no lawn

That is how it was ^

Deck extension

Deck extension

New deck steps

Deck steps

Synthetic turf

Finished look with retaining wall, steps and synthetic turf

new synthetic turf, retaining wall and deck

New, finished look with a new retaining wall, synthetic turf and a deck, which matches the old one