New project in Edmonds, WA

Our clients for this project have a very big back yard and they wanted to make it more inviting, and Transblue made their wish come true. We removed some trees, trimmed others, leveled the ground, installed landscape fabric, seeded it and built retaining walls. Before In the process After

Seattle Urban Oasis

Transblue is the leader of world class construction. Transblue designs and builds stunning landscape masterpieces that enhance your outdoor living space and increase your quality of life. These designs are not just projects – they are birthday parties, anniversaries, celebrations, and quality time you’re your family and friends. This Street of Dreams project was performed in …

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newly installed sod

Renew your lawn!

Does your lawn look healthy? Does it make your back or front yard feel cozy and inviting? If you are not sure about it, then we can renew your lawn by installing a new sod and improving overall appearance of your outside space. Look at this new sod and cleared space: Before After


Art in your Yard

Yard art isn’t plastic pink flamingos and gnomes anymore!!! Yard art has a whole new meaning nowadays. While nature always takes center stage in the garden, you can always accentuate the look by adding amazing art pieces that bring a unique flare to your backyard. Art can be incorporated into seating, fountains, planters, and the overall …

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House backyard, retaining wall

Enhanced Backyard

Transblue can transform your backyard into anything you want! Fire-pit? Sure! Water feature? Yes, please! And throw stone stairs on top of that! Just let us know what you dream about, and we will do it for you! Look at our new project and a beautiful result: Fire-Pit, Water Feature and Flagstone Stone Stairs