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Synthetic turf and dogs

April is still here, and it is a National Pet Month (you can read about it here)! Who doesn’t love their pets? They are part of our families and that’s why we decided to write about pet-friendly synthetic turf.

Synthetic turf has many benefits, but let’s talk about pet-specific benefits. So why it is a good idea to have synthetic turf for the dogs lovers? First of all, it is digging. Synthetic turf for pets is more durable, so you won’t get holes in your grass here and there. Also, it will keep your dog’s paws clean of mud, which will save you a lot of headache. Second, and most important thing to know is “a potty problem”.  Synthetic turf for pets is easier to clean off excrement and you don’t have to worry that some of special synthetic cleaners will kill your grass. Urine is even worse, because it easily can kill your real grass, permanently burning it (permanently means that nothing will grow on that spot, unless you replace the soil). Keep in mind though, that you need to pick a synthetic turf with good drainage and right infill. For example, regular sand (which normally is the cheapest option) is not a good idea for pets synthetic turf, because it will hold the odor and year or two later you will regret that you went with this option. One time we were invited to change a synthetic turf for dogs’ playground, which was located on the roof of the building. Synthetic turf was only two years old, but… it stank so badly, that owners had to change it. Why it happened? Because regular sand was used. And lastly, one more benefit is that fleas, ticks and ants (and even snakes!) don’t like synthetic turf too much, so it will help protect your pet and your house from some unwanted neighbors.

Synthetic turf might be pricey, but it can last 15 years and more, if installed by qualified professionals. Transblue installs lots of synthetic turf and we have great options for the pets. If you have more questions, you always can call us, and find out more about synthetic turf for the dogs.

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