Swimming pools and what you need to know about them, Part-2

Here is more information about swimming pools

Pool Accessory Options

What is a pool without few accessories? But what are they? Here is a list of some of them:

  • Diving board – costs around $350
  • Slides – costs around $1,700
  • Lights – can choose between halogen, fiber optic or LED, so the prices vary
  • Fencing – depending on the size and materials it is around $5,000 and $15,000
  • Covers – prices are in range between $139 and $1,305

Of course, these are not mandatory, but are very nice to have!

Types of pool water sanitation

If you want your swimming pool to look fresh and not smell like a swamp, you need to sanitize your water, killing algae and bacteria. Chlorine is the most popular option, but it isn’t very environment friendly. Alternatives to chlorine are saline and mineral water.

Saline pools also known as saltwater pools. They are not completely chlorine-free, but contain much lesser amount of chlorine.

Mineral water pools are chlorine-free and use disinfecting minerals to prevent bacteria and algae.

Pool Maintenance

Price of the pool doesn’t stop after installation.

A pool, just like a house, needs constant maintenance and upkeep for clean and safe swimming experience. According to ImproveNet, most homeowners spend roughly $250 on pool maintenance.

Most pools need to be cleaned, debris needs to be removed and sometimes heating system needs to be repaired. In addition, pool maintenance can include:

  • Skimming
  • Vacuuming
  • Brushing
  • Cleaning filters
  • Pool heater maintenance
  • Monitoring water levels
  • Leak detection
  • Winterizing
  • Reopening

It is important to remember, that swimming pool needs to be installed correctly, by a professional, so maintenance and upkeep will be much more manageable.

Filtration and heating

The filtration pump is the biggest energy hog in a pool system, so it is a good idea to get the most efficient pump possible. The good news is that new pumps with variable speed use up to 80% less energy, than old single-speed pumps.

If you are planning to have a heated pool, you should consider the energy consumption for that as well. Gas heaters are the least expensive to purchase and install, but typically they have the highest maintenance cost. Many pool owners go with electrical heat pumps instead, which extract heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the water.  Heat pumps take longer to warm the pool, but they are more energy-efficient, costing $200-$400 less to operate during a swimming season. Covering the pool with solar blanket to trap heat and reduce evaporation also reduces the operating cost.


You can’t know what repairs you will need in the future, but it is a good idea to know some prices of repairs.

  • Pool liner (in-ground pool): can cost $1,306 to repair and $1,500 to replace
  • Pool liner (aboveground pool): can cost $300 to replace
  • Pool heater: can cost $370 to repair and $1,400 to replace

Regardless of any cost, a pool can add value to your quality of life and enhance the enjoyment of your home. You can’t put a price tag on that.

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4 thoughts on “Swimming pools and what you need to know about them, Part-2”

  1. I’m glad that you mention how regular maintenance is necessary to keep your pool clean and safe to swim in. I also like that you mention how it’s a good idea to know the prices of regular repairs, such as liner replacement. In order to provide any repairs or maintenance for your pool, you’d probably want to research local contractors that offer these services so that you can make sure it’s done by someone who has the experience and skills to provide the best results.

  2. Thank you for mentioning the importance of chlorine to the swimming pool water since it is perfect for killing the bacteria and algae living in the water. I will take note of this since we will be having a pool constructed soon. Considering that we do not have much time to do the cleaning, we need to find an alternative way to keep the water clean.

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