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Swimming pools and what you need to know about them, Part-1

How to pick the right swimming pool for your home?

Are you thinking about hot, sunny summer days? Can you envision a swimming pool at your backyard, where you can swim and relax, where kinds can have a lot of fun, splashing water in each other faces? If so, it is a good reason to think about what kind of swimming pool is right for you and what benefits it can bring you. Swimming pool is not only a great place to spend your summer days, but it is also an investment, which can add value to your house.
Swimming pool construction might sound scary, but pools can be in different shape and size, and the cost varies too, from affordable to extravagant.
Average reported cost of a swimming pool installation is $19,797, with the lowest cost at $200 and highest at $78,000. Normally aboveground pools cost less, but it doesn’t make it much less fun.

What is a swimming pool made of?

The material which your swimming pool built with is also make a big difference in cost. Few of most popular materials used for swimming pools are:

  • Fiberglass
  • Concrete
  • Vinyl
  • Tile

So which one is more expensive? Well, for example, concrete swimming pool is more expensive than vinyl-lined pool, but much more durable. If you want some artwork in your pool, you have an option to create an image with tiles but finding similar looking liner will save you a lot of money.

How to pick swimming pool for your property?

Available space is the most important factor to consider, when it comes to the swimming pool. You need to know how wide and tall your swimming pool can be. Yes, it is make perfect sense that you can’t build a swimming pool bigger than your backyard (normally not bigger than even a half of your backyard), but some forget that you cannot dig deeper that groundwater source or some other obstacles.
On the other hand, if you want to build an aboveground swimming pool and build a deck around it. You have to check with your local government if there is any laws pertaining to the deck installation.
Let’s talk in more close details about Above and In-ground pools

Above Ground Pool

Above ground pool is the least expensive option, usually in between $200 and $6000. No excavation cost does the trick. In addition, aboveground pool materials are cheaper and have a wider variety.
The typical height for the aboveground pool is 52-54 inches. The wall is usually made from steel or aluminum paneling, which has 20, 40 years or lifetime warranty.

In-Ground Pool

Another type of swimming pools is in-ground pools and their cost in average is $14,961 – $21,649. The cost comes from excavating, putting the walls, installing plumbing and skimmers, etc. However, it is nice to have in-ground pool, because it can last forever, and it is much easier to sit on the edge and just splash water with your feet. It is also easier to get in and out of the in-ground swimming pool.
The most popular material that is used to build inground pool is gunite. Gunite is a mixture of cement and sand. One more option is fiberglass shells or vinyl liners. They are cheaper, but need to be replaced every 10 years or so.
The main concern about swimming pool is to make sure that there is no high well water under your backyard, so the swimming pool won’t be ruined.

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