The Benefits of Solar String Lights

With so many of us having to stay inside this year, creating spaces simply for relaxation and joy is more important than ever. A space designated for entertainment, joy, and relaxation can help people while we wait for normalcy to return. Backyards have become a popular choice for exactly this. With outside activities being limited, it only makes sense that backyards renovations have skyrocketed. A simple and popular way to elevate your backyard game is lights. String lights are the most popular, but lights along a pathway and around a front door are also popular. While there are multiple types of lights, there are also multiple designs. Some prefer old fashioned lights that you plug in while others opt for solar powered outdoor lights. While there are benefits to both, we tend to favor solar power.  

Solar String Lights

Solar-powered outdoor lights give you flexibility as well as durability. Basically, you can leave them outside with little maintenance and remain confident they will continue to work and withstand multiple weather conditions. This makes them a common choice for decorative and practical use. Solar lights can be Edison bulbs you have hanging from your house, or it can be the floodlights keeping your home safe, or both.

We live in a world of Pinterest and Instagram. Creating beautiful backyards has risen to a new level. While many use these platforms to show off, they can also be a wonderful source of inspiration. Solar fairy string lights, Edison bulbs, and lanterns are common choices. They all accomplish in creating a beautiful dreamy look. A string of fairy lights can only enhance your porch through the trees or some lanterns hanging over your outside gathering spot.

Solar power has risen in popularity. Using solar string lights glowing is so simple. Solar only needs sunlight to charge. Worried that your region doesn’t get enough sun, for example, western Washington state? Don’t worry. While charging take more time, solar panels can still be charged on a cloudy day. Sunlight gets through multiple layers to finally get to us, it’s powerful enough to cut through clouds. Direct sunlight will always be better, but knowing the solar string lights will still charge with clouds out is a nice bonus.

Environment & Durability

The environment is, in our eyes, the best reason to use solar string lights. Using solar power cuts down on greenhouse emissions and shrinks your carbon footprint. On top of this, it will save you money! Solar power is also safer than electric lights. So while many people use outside lights to enhance their space, there are practical reasons to use them as well.

Beyond the environment, people choose solar powered outdoor lights for their durability. They tend to withstand the winter weather and require minimal maintenance. Make sure to clean off the top of the solar panel then you are pretty much good to go! You don’t have to worry about replacing batteries for a long time. Typically batteries for solar light last around four years. Not worrying about if your string lights are going to work is nice, especially if you are using solar power lights along a pathway.

Practical & Decorative

Solar-powered lights are used for more than just decoration. Many people choose to use them to line their pathways. Decorative and practical. You don’t have to worry about turning the lights off once the sun goes down. Nor do you have to worry about how you are going to plug those lights in. Solar porch lights are also standard—another decorative and practical use. Going even further, many use solar for their floodlights. Another practical use that needs reliability and durability. If you are using floodlights for home protection, you need to rely on those lights to work. Solar is reliable. Even when it is cloudy outside, solar can absorb energy from the sun.

We talked briefly about using solar lights as decoration for your backyard. Solar backyard lights can be strung and placed around, or you can really hone your aesthetic and strategically place them for optimal Instagram likes.

Using lights to decorate your outside space creates a beautiful yard to enjoy with friends and family. With so many ideas, the possibilities are endless.

Backyard lights can bring a special feeling to your backyard, porch, doorway, and pathway. Deciding to use solar power gives you more flexibility, and over time saves you money. It is easy to see why this is a rising trend. You can decorate your backyard just how you want it while not having to worry if there is an outlet close to or stringing an extension cord through the yard. Add lights to the side of your house, a fence, strung over your seating area, or in a tree. Solar power allows you that flexibility and provides durability.

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