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Productivity Loss From Working at Home? Try an Outdoor Home Office

With remote work becoming an increasingly viable option for workers thanks to technology like cloud services, video conferencing, and collaboration platforms, many people are creating office spaces within the confines of their homes.

But working from home is a very different proposition for a single person living in a quiet home versus a married person with rambunctious kids. Our solution to creating a work-focused environment for any situation: an outdoor home office space.

Problems with Remote Work

Not only is remote work great for employee morale, as they can spend more time with their families and less in traffic, but it also benefits the environment, employees’ wallets, and traffic congestion.

However, the question of remote work productivity can be a roadblock for employers and employees alike. Remote workers can be easily distracted by TV shows, kids, chores, and many other problems besides.

Many employers also worry that remote workers won’t work as hard without supervision. However, studies have shown that remote workers are often more productive than their office-going counterparts, due in large part to breaks. But the potential for distraction is real—slightly more home office workers found it difficult to stay on task as opposed to in-office workers.

Having your home office space be outdoors in a detached workspace from the home can address many of the distraction problems, as it’s a stress-free, quiet, and isolated space to get your work done without the intrusions of everyday life.

An outdoor office encapsulates the best features of working at home without sacrificing the private, work-focused environment you need to be productive. You can focus on your tasks without distraction, but you also know that home is just a few steps away. No sitting in traffic, no major daytime noise—just a quiet, distraction-free space to work with all the benefits of being at home.

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Why an Outdoor Home Office Can Increase Your Productivity

Here are five reasons why building an outdoor home office is a great choice for remote workers.

1. It creates a quiet “off-limits” workspace.

Working in a detached unit away from your home creates a sense of separation from any possible home distractions. However, the close proximity to your home allows for quick access to 15-minute pet bonding breaks, trips to the fridge for snacks, and any forgotten office supplies. You have all the benefits of being at home without the detracting side effects, giving you the freedom to work in peace.

2. It becomes the “third-place”, allowing for high productivity and concentration. 

Just like local coffee shops are an in-between from home and work, outdoor home offices provide a necessary space to boost your productive mentality without being tied to leisure. Having a space that the brain can correlate with productivity ensures that work gets done but avoids the pitfalls of working in a Starbucks, such as unavailable power outlets, loud baristas, and the siren song of expensive caramel macchiatos. Having an outdoor office space purely for work lets you leave the worries about home behind when you step inside, and lets you leave work in the outdoor office where it belongs.

3. Allows for privacy during tele-meeting and phone calls

Having a private office is great for creating a quiet space. Since American work culture is still collaboration and meeting-heavy, a reliable, quiet and private space for virtual meetings is a must. With an outdoor office, you don’t have to worry about somebody running a vacuum in the background!

An outdoor shed in a backyard.

4. They can be tax-deductible! 

If you live in the United States, you should know that the IRS gives some benefits to home office workers. Building and creating an outdoor office space can be a great investment that you can then claim as a tax write-off. Ask your tax professional for more details!

5. It is generally easier and cheaper and than adding a room to your home.

While some remote workers prefer to make a room addition to their home, it is by far a more expensive and time-consuming endeavor than a standalone outdoor office. Backyard garden offices can be installed in as little as a week, minimizing the noises, sawdust, and disruptions usually associated with a remodel. These offices include outdoor heat and electricity, ensuring you’ll be comfortable outdoors.

Depending on the size, location, and county regulations of outdoor home office studios, many times no permit is necessary to install a shed or similar structure for outdoor office use. Be sure to check local regulations before shopping around, but in many cases, you save money on an outdoor home office simply by not having to pay for expensive permits.

These outdoor office spaces could hugely improve your quality of life, providing a much-needed sanctuary for those who need to get work done at home. They can also improve the property value for owners, maximizing the space and usability of home exteriors and making them more appealing for buyers if you plan to sell down the line.

If you’re interested in your own outdoor office, contact the nearest Transblue franchise today! We’d love to design you a unique and beautiful outdoor office to let you work from home with minimal distractions.

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