Personalizing your concrete

Concrete is such a versatile material. You can guarantee your new concrete patio will look nothing like your best friend’s back yard. Not only can you form concrete to any shape, concrete can also be stained, stamped, engraved, stenciled and more! With a concrete patio or pool area, you have the opportunity to let your unique style come through as you design your patio to your liking. We have collected a few diffecolored concreterent ways you can personalize your concrete.

Tinted & colored – This is actual color being added to the cement mix. You can create a unique and fun color to your patio. It can be a real show stopper!

Stamped – there is nearly an unlimited choice for you to decide on! We love stamped concrete!! You can even create a faux brick, tile and wood! We love a beautiful pattern stamped into a colored concrete – it is one of our favorite projects to work on!

Scoring –  By hand scoring patterns into the cement. By scoring the cement you can control where the concrete will crack – and concrete will always untimely crack, but we can control where it cracks. This can be artistic element for the project as well!

Boarders – Boarders can be made of the same material or another common boarder used is brick. Visually this creates an edge to the patio and for safety reasons this is a nice visual appeal when there is a change in material under foot.  This can also incorporate scoring which can control cracking.

Sealed concrete –  Can provide a sheen to the look. There are even now options to do a non-slip sheen, which would be great around the pool! Sealers can enhance and protect your concrete and extend the life of it. This can be done again and again over the lifetime of the concrete.

colored concrete stairs


Paint – This can be a quick and easy way to update the look of concrete if it doesn’t necessarily need repair. You can be artistic and have fun over a quick sunny weekend for this upgrade!

Acid Staining –  This is a fun almost marbling affect for concrete. This can be done indoors and outdoors.

Concrete is a great long-lasting medium for driveways, steps, patios, and more! With so many ways to personalize your concrete you can absolutely make it unique! Call us today for a free quote on installing concrete to your latest project!

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