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Commercial Snow Removal in Seattle, WA

Transblue is a large regional Snow Removal provider, in business since 2004


Transblue, is a large regional Snow Removal provider, in business since 2004. Transblue has been providing regional snow removal solutions as: plowing, hauling, de-icing to the retail, restaurant, banking, government, and property management industries on the regional front for over 15 years.

Transblue Services

Washington State:  Seattle, Tacoma, Bellingham, Olympia, Everett, Redmond, Bellevue, Wenatchee, Yakima, and Spokane,

Oregon: Portland, Eugene, Salem, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Oregon City, Newport, and all areas in between.

Idaho: Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Lewiston, Idaho Falls, Sandpoint, Meridian, Post Falls and all areas in between.


Transblue is one of the largest snow removal providers in the Pacific Northwest. Transblue is strategically focused on building real business solutions with real time results allowing our clients to focus on meeting other strategic business objectives, while maximizing internal resources and efficiencies, allowing for growth and brand revenue. No other company can deliver the depth of relevant, industry specific budgetary focus and experience to your brand like Transblue. We would love the opportunity to demonstrate our ability and provide you with our Gold Standard snow removal solutions.

Using our unique consultative approach, Transblue works with clients to develop new snow removal plans to include operational and financial efficiencies and present on demand plowing services as an investment, rather than an expense and help design a more effective approach to risk management and service execution. Our risk management team provides cutting edge knowledge and know to protect your brand from the daily liability it faces. Transblue embraces creative thinking and ideas generated by our customers, employees, service providers and business partners to ensure mutual success of all snow removal initiatives..


Transblue offers regional snow removal services in the Washington, Oregon and Idaho Markets. We service all major and smaller markets for our entire portfolio of services. We pride ourselves in our best in class regional snow removal programs, roll outs and initiatives. We will analyze your brand footprint, provide sourcing and costing for each service required and execute with perfection. Transblue is strongly positioned to deliver snow removal services to each of your locations and are confident that we are strongly positioned to deliver the services you require to every location in your brands portfolio.


Every winter event is completely different. That is why our snow operations office is running 24/7/365. Each and every call and dispatch is handled by an experienced snow removal team member. Our teams are constantly working to maximize efficiency in the field and in the office. When problems arise, our operations team is there to problem-solve and keep the operations running and the snow plows pushing. With the largest team in the West coast behind your snow removal operation, you can be confident in our ability to run the Best In Class Snow Removal Programs, even during the worst winter conditions.


To serve our local, regional, and national clients best, Transblue utilizes the latest technology to perform our operations. We use GPS tracking on with our partners and track the GEO point of each tablet and smart phone. This enable to locate each provider in real-time, keeping our partners accountable, saving time and money, while providing a best in class snow removal service. This also gives our operations team an overview of what is happening at each location at any given moment, allowing our team the flexibility to dispatch and reroute our partners at a moment’s notice, this allows Transblue to better serve our clients and protect their brands.

During every winter event, Transblue staffs our state-of-the-art 24/7/365 operation center to provide detailed time-keeping data for each client location and partner. By maintaining this data, we can more accurately predict what your costs will be at any location across the nation. This allows us to save our clients operating dollars and allows us to operate at the most efficient degree possible.


Transblue offers one of the kind emergency snow removal plans for blizzards and other large, long lasting storms that produce 7 inches of snow or greater during one snow fall. This ensures that your properties will be properly serviced, even during the longest winter blizzards. We utilize a proprietary 3-1 snow removal process which allows us to have back up providers and equipment just around the corner in case of any extended emergency or equipment failure. As Transblue has offices in strategic locations across the Seattle, Spokane, and Portland we can ensure we can keep your locations serviced during power outages and winter storms. Nothing is more important than keeping your locations serviced. Call us today and let us put a blizzard control plan in place for your brand.

Risk Management Snow Removal

At Transblue we look at your business not as just another client, but as “liability control.” As a property owner you are obligated to provide “reasonable care” in providing a safe working environment for your clients and employees. Transblue has created a 150 point check list that once in place will allow you to view your assets from the point of “liability control.” Liability control will give you the upper hand in defending lawsuits and will give you the opportunity to decrease insurance costs associated with your facilities.

Slip and fall injuries are extremely common in and around facilities.

According to the US department of labor the cost for a slip or trip and fall is $28,000.00 in medical expenses.
The national safety council estimates that approximately 8.9 trips are made to emergency rooms annually from slips, trips and falls.
Secondly they report that slip and trip falls resulted in 25,000 deaths in 2009 and is listed as the second leading cause of accidental death.
Slip and falls can lead to increased insurance premiums or cancellations of policies. Slip and falls can result lost sales and damage to the stores bottom line. Slip and falls can also lead to the loss of key employees during critical industry time frames.

At Transblue we have strategic risk management plans in place. As each and every business is different Transblue can customize our risk management with your direct needs. Transblue addresses the liability and handles the claim from start to finish. Each and every client has the opportunity to have this comprehensive plan as part of their Transblue services.

At Transblue not only do we work to mitigate and reduce risks to your properties, and business. Transblue has in-house insurance producers and advisors. Transblue with its broad reach has insurance specialists available 24 hours a day seven days a week to help with any need you may have. Our teams can also provide insurance to your business directly through one of our major insurance carriers.

Transblue also has a very strict vendor approval process. Transblue reviews the service we are providing for our clients and our insurance team reviews the certificates of insurance, insurance limits, endorsements, and policy exemptions. By doing this the Transblue team can insure that our vendors have all the coverage needed to defend you. The Transblue insurance team also verifies renewals and tracks insurance expiration dates. It is our goal to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to “liabilities.” The Transblue risk management and insurance teams work to reduce insurance costs and remove liabilities.

Transblue also offers comprehensive plans tailored to your business needs. Transblue has plans which provide monthly, quarterly, semi – annually, and annually site visits to your locations. At these site visits Transblue uses are built in 150 point check list to identify visible and hidden insurance hazards and risks. Transblue then provides a cost analysis and proposal for the needed adjustments.



We used Transblue for our large landscape project. Our project included fencing, yard regrade, work around a complex septic layout, 7 zones of irrigation, dog area, sod and hydro seeding. The attention to detail to meet all our desires for the job was outstanding.  Nate was our project architect and he checked in with the job and work frequently.  His ability to pull all the necessary skilled workers for the plan was amazing.  Would recommend their company to anyone who needs this type of service.

  1. Per event pricing. Per event pricing is a snow service based on accumulated snow fall within a specific period of time. As an example, you would pay per inch when snow is falling continually. When the snow stops falling for a period of four hours, for example, a new event starts when the snow starts falling again and the cycle continues. This is a cost effective snow removal program for many retail, big box and government programs.
  2. Seasonal pricing is a very effective snow pricing model for locations which experience heavy snow fall. A seasonal price is a dollar amount paid out evenly over a 5 or 6 month period. The dollar amount paid is paid out no matter how much or little snow falls. This is a great for budgeting your annual snow fall expenses. It also ensures you will not blow your snow budget too early in the season!
  3. Per push pricing is typically based on plowing 1-3 inches of snow each time the snow hits a predetermined trigger, usually 1 inch. This can be a very cost effective solution in geographical regions which receive low to moderate amounts of snow.
  4. Hourly pricing is the last of the 4 pricing models. Snow service per hour prices range from on demand to scheduled services and trigger points. This allows the property manager or facility manager to control exactly how many pieces of equipment are on site and how long they will be onsite. This is also a cost effective service method.

Call today and discuss with our team what plan works best for your brand!

Our Software

To provide the Best in Class Regional Snow Removal Program the use of Technology is critical. At Transblue our proprietary software enables us to monitor weather conditions and upcoming storms with a click of a button. Our software allows us to see weather changes and patterns and accurately predict what storms will hit your geographical location and when. This is crucial to for our pre-storm preparations and allows us to gauge your exact service needs. Our software also has the unique ability to track work orders and service times including work order creation and dispatching from our 24/7/365 snow emergency call center. Our software allows our service trucks to upload before and after pictures of services provided and provide accountability to our clients. It also tracks time in and out of locations and allows us to property route out teams to ensure all locations are serviced quickly and on time. Our software also creates invoices as services are completed for a quick and easy invoicing.

Our state of the art software program also works with all third party software management systems. We currently work with Service Channel, FM Pilot, Work Oasis, Officetrax, Corrigo, BigSky, Verisae and several other third party software programs. Our integration is seamless and reporting extremely important. Please, contact us to learn more about how our National Snow Removal programs work.

Infrared Asphalt Repairs

The infrared asphalt repair process uses an infrared heating system to heat in-place asphalt to soften it to a workable state, then new asphalt is added, which fuses seamlessly to the old asphalt. A very popular use of infrared repair is in pothole repair. As compared to the saw cut method, where the damaged asphalt is cut out and removed, filled with new asphalt and repaired, the infrared repair eliminates the seams, that quickly ruin such patches due to cracking. The big advantage of infrared repair is the feathered joining of the new patch material to the surrounding pavement – no seams, no water infiltration. Saw cut seams permit rainfall to enter, which quickly introduces moisture and freeze/thaw damage into the patch causing alligatoring in the parking lot. Many cut and patch repairs have to be redone every year.

The actual process for pothole repair using a truck-mounted infrared pavement heater is:
• Sweep and dry the area
• Position the infrared heating array over the pothole for seven to ten minutes
• Remove the heater and rake the softened (350 degree) asphalt
• Mix in a rejuvenator to replenish light oils that have oxidized away
• Add a small amount of fresh asphalt and grade it to level with a lute
• Use a vibratory roller to compact and fuse the patch with the surrounding pavement
• Patched area is ready for traffic within 20 minutes or so (depending on size)

Infrared repairs save money and are environmentally more effective than older methods. When preparing your budget, protect your spend and have Transblue provide a free consultation and see how we can save your brand money with our infrared process and expertise.