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Nothing to See Here: What we can learn about Disney’s Go-Away Green

Is Disneyland open? As of now, no, it isn’t, but we are all eager to seethose gates open, and our favorite mouse welcomes us home. While Disneyworld has opened its doors, many of us are waiting for Disneyland to announce their opening date. Until then, there are plenty of ways to bring Disney magic into your life or to at least, enhance it. Yes, you can decorate your house with Disney kitchen supplies, cook classic Disney treats, but what about bringing the magic by hiding some less magical things in your yard. For Disney fanatics like myself, you will have heard of Disney’s Go-Away Green, a muted green color that Disney uses to hide things that are not so magical. But this green isn’t just for the parks. You can incorporate them into your life. With many of us stuck at home, we are finding ourselves working outside more. Many are creating their dream backyard they previously didn’t have time for. Use this Disney trick to make sure your backyard is the focus, not the ugly sprinklers.

disney green variations in mickey shapes

The Psychology Behind Go-Away Green

So how does Go-Away Green work? Well, we are lazy, or at least our eyes are. Though if you ask me, our eyes are just efficient at filtering out the unimportant things.  “Science shows that our eyes are lazy and prefer to focus on contrasting items and things with consistent patterns…. these green shades blend well enough to hide contrasting shadows and depth pattern” Disney takes advantage of this, creating a super-secret green shade. Go-Away Green hides things like gates and lights from guests’ eyes. Many have tried to recreate this green shade, even going so far as to take paint chips to match them. We probably will never know the exact green, but we can get very close. 

Last time I was at Disneyland, a friend and I were searching for a water fountain. We asked a cast member, and they directed us to a not so far corner. The both of us searched and searched and searched for that water fountain. We sat there, scratching our heads and wondering if the cast member told us the wrong directions. Eventually, we did find it, and guess what, it was painted in Go-Away Green. If you ever go to the park while construction is being done, you will see most of the walls are Go-Away Green. You can find the color behind structures and shrubs. Three glaring examples are the gates around the whole part, multiple spots as you ride the train, and the door for Club 33. (Did you know that the Club 33 door we see is actually the old entrance. The new one is located in the now blocked off Court of Angles.)

Use Disney's Green in Your Yard

We work hard on our yards with blood, sweat, and tears are poured into our beautiful getaways. No one wants to sit down next to their firepit and see some ugly colored sprinklers, lights, or even non-decorative pots. Just like Disneyland, this pulls the eye from the magic of your backyard. How can you incorporate this magical green into your yard? Pretty much anywhere. Have some sprinklers you would rather not see? Some lights? Paint it, Go-Away Green! Air conditioning units and meters are other unattractive things that most people would rather not pull eyes away from your hard work. While these are perfect options for Go-Away Green, make sure you do it correctly. HVAC systems require some specific steps, while meters may require you to get ahold of your local building codes. Maybe even paint your clothes this color so no one can bother you in your oasis…

Black and go away green sprinklers side by side

Bring Disney Magic Into Your Hard Work

While we wait for the world to go back to some version normalcy, we can learn from the happiest place on earth. Disney’s tricky way of hiding things in plain sight allows you to enhance your yard. Make sure your hard work is the focus, not that ugly HVAC system. And even though you may be hiding things from others, you can always look at whatever it is that you are hiding and think of Disney magic. Plus, it’s a great Easter egg you can tell your guests. Why stop there? Put some hidden mickeys in your yard too! There are about 1,000 hidden through the Disneyland; how many can you fit in your yard? Maybe some of them can even be Go-Away Green.  


Next time you are at Disneyland, instead of looking for hidden mickeys, try to spot the Go-Away Green. This is probably just as hard as finding the hidden Mickeys. Once you spot it, you will most likely never be able to unsee it. Hopefully, that day we can go back will come sooner rather than later. Until then, use a little Disney magic to enhance your backyard. 

Can You Spot the Go-Away Green?

Before After
Before After Disneyland HorseDisneyland Horse black and white except disney green
Before After Downtown DisneyBlack and white downtown disney

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