New, fresher backyard in Seattle, WA

One more project is done and one more happy house owner!

Fresh, green grass – perfect for party-gathering and enjoying sunshine

New Fence was also installed


In the process



 What exactly did we do? Here is a scope of work

Grading / Back of Property

1. Removed up to 20 yards of topsoil.

2. Slope and grade hillside.

3. Installed natural boulder rock steps along side of hillside grass / fence line.

Landscape Miscellaneous Items / Back of Property

1. Demo and removed failed boulder water feature (20’x20’).

2. Demo and removed lower yard concrete and landscape (1900 sq. ft.)

3. Removed 10 x plantings around back yard landscape.

4. Installed 3 x zone of irrigation for turf/ 1 zone in back yard, 2 zones in front yard.

5. Installed 2600 sq. ft. of new sod.

6. Demo and disposed of concrete steps leading to lower yard. (19’x4’)

Cedar Estate Fencing / Back of Property

1. Demo and removed all fencing and landscape needed for new installation.

2. Installed pressure treated cedar posts every 8’ in concrete.

3. Installed 250’ x 6’ cedar slat rail with 2 x swing gate at each side of property.

4. Fencing tiered with landscape.

5. Removed and disposed of all landscape and construction debris.


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