About Transblue Seattle

Transblue Seattle

Proudly renovating, designing, and beautifying Seattle, WA and the surrounding areas.

About Transblue Seattle

Located near the coast, Seattle, WA is nestled between multiple metropolises while its charm is that of classic home architecture.  That’s emphasized in its exterior design trends, too—here, you’ll find a timeless style, typical of the pacific northwest. Alongside beautiful gardens, ample space for outdoor activities, and beautiful patios for laying out and soaking up the sun.

As a central area of industry and technology, Seattle is also home to a number of commercial businesses and multifamily residents. Transblue Seattle can serve them as well with expert asphalt repair and paving, deck building and repair, concrete projects, and many other necessary remodeling and construction projects. 

About The Owner

seattle green lake backyard remodeler

Born and raised on the west coast, Clint loves to call the Puget Sound his home. He has 23 years of experience working in the remodel construction industry, where he believes in doing things right the first time for his customers. Whether installing a simple remodel or an extravagant complete backyard makeover; he believes in providing the same level and care to every project.

Clint loves traveling around the country with his wife Sarah and his two kids; Cannon and Steele. His kids are named after Clint and Sarah’s love for the swashbuckling Treasure Island genre. Clint is also passionate about off-road desert racing, where he is part of a pit crew with his long-time friends. 

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