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we specialize in landscape design, installation, and construction

Everything you need, in one place.

When it comes to your property and investment, nothing is more important to us than delivering unparalleled customer service, attention to detail and creating beautiful outdoor living spaces for you to enjoy with your loved ones!

Studies have proven that professional landscaping often increases property values 10% or more. Trust Transblue to build and create your dreams with the dedication and quality that is unmatched in the industry.

With over 20 of years’ experience, Transblue is committed and positioned to design and build the beautiful landscapes that you envision surrounding your property!

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Design, Installation and Constraction

retaining wall

  • Landscape design and planning
  • Retaining walls & rockeries
  • Drainage plans
  • Hardscape installations
  • Paver installations, Flagstone installations
  • Synthetic Turf
  • Fire Pits
  • Excavation and Land clearing
  • Irrigation systems and water management
  • Concrete installations
  • Water Features
  • Landscape lighting installations
  • Tree Removal

Lawn Installation

At Transblue we pride ourselves in Lawn Installation! Over the last 20 years, we have developed techniques that have proven themselves over and over again! We install a 30 YEAR LAWN, each time every time! We are able to install a 30-year lawn by using the following methods:

  1. First, we send out one of our trained consultants. They will discuss procedures and take a soil test.
  2. Taking the soil test allows us to get a picture of the amounts of soil amendments we will need to add to the existing soil. Once we have the soil test complete we will schedule a time to perform the Lawn Install.
  3. Then our crews will remove four inches of existing soil including existing sod.
  4. We then apply the proper amount of soil amendments.
  5. Next, we rototill the new soil amendments into the old soil.
  6. This ensures that our base soil will be amended and not affect the new soil which will be installed.
  7. Once the soil amendments have been applied we then begin to install the new soil. The new soil is mixed at the rate of 1/3 sand, 1/3 manure, 1/3 screened soil. We use this mixture because the manure provides an excellent organic boost, while the sand allows for root growth and drainage, the screened soil provides us with the solid base we will need to provide proper root growth (proper root growth is 4inches).
  8. Once we have installed 4 inches of new premium soil, we then level, grade, rake, and roll the soil to get the perfect drainage!
  9. We then install Dolomite lime which will also help to boost the growth of the root system for the new lawn as well as help with soil amendment.
  10. Once these crucial steps have been completed we will the install the sod and fertilize with a starter fertilizer. You now have a beautiful lawn installed with care and precision!
  11. We provide detailed instructions for the 1st year of care!

If you’re interested in growing your new lawn from seed, then we have two options available to you:

  1. The first option is seeding. We will install the perfect mixture of seed for your lawn depending on shade, the sun, water, and heat exposure. We will then top dress with peat moss and fertilizer with a starter fertilizer.
  2. The second option is to hydro seed. This application is mainly used when your total turf area is above 4000 square feet. We will measure the area needing the hydro seed and spray a mixture of seeds, wood fiber, and fertilizer on to the existing soil. This creates the perfect blanket for the seed to grow quickly and securely. We hydro seed residential apartment’s properties, commercial buildings, large lots, sensitive slopes, erosion control areas, freeway shoulders, sports fields, golf courses, bank stabilization, roadways, cutbacks, bio-swales, wetlands, and pastures.  Count on Transblue – The Leader You Can Trust

Synthetic Turf

Transblue offers the world’s most realistic synthetic turf and synthetic putting greens available in the market today. We are pleased to provide you with an unmatched, professional quality putting green or synthetic lawn for your home or place of business. Synthetic lawn turf is a great alternative because unlike gravel or concrete surfaces, it’s functional because it can be played on like a real lawn. It looks like real grass so it’s aesthetically pleasing, and requires no water in the area it is placed. It’s baby friendly and pet approved.

  • Synthetic turf offers a real feel and look
  • Conserves water and energy as it is self sufficient
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Great for putting greens and driving ranges
  • Terrific for playground surfaces
  • Installation of soccer, baseball, football, and school athletic fields
  • Pet turf for dog runs and play areas
  • Requires virtually no maintenance and no watering.
  • No down time with reseeding or muddy fields.
  • Improved safety and performance.
  • No Chemicals and Fertilizers
  • Made from recyclable components

Retaining Walls

Let Transblue’s team of installers and designers build your next retaining wall. We have the experience you can depend on. Our lead designers have created, designed and installed over 1500 retaining walls. Each and every installer has been trained in the exact procedures needed to create the very best and longest lasting retaining walls. We take absolutely no shortcut with the creation of any retaining wall.

We build terraced walls, bulk heads, drainage walls, decoration walls, block walls, commercial walls, erosion control walls, sensitive slope walls, weight bearing walls, plus much more. As soon as you call us, we will set up an appointment for our knowledgeable staff to meet with you. We will provide a proposal for the retaining walls that meet your specifications. Upon acceptance of our proposal we will provide detailed drawings of the walls to be installed. We will work closely with city municipalities for those walls which require permits.

If your walls need permits, it’s not a problem. The permit process is very simple. It is also very important. The permit will protect your home, family or business in the long run. The costs for the permits are very minimal versus the cost of building an un-permitted wall that has to be torn down and re-constructed. We will protect you and your family or place of business by doing things the right way. We work closely with all cities and county guidelines. The permitting process is easy and effective.

All of our walls are installed with the proper designed drainage program, retaining wall footings, rebar if necessary, geo tech fabric if necessary, and all of the soil and gravel is plate compacted and compacted to the test and proper compaction rates. Our professionals only install the best walls. We are familiar with building walls from Mutual Material block, Allen block, Key Stone block, stack stone, rip rap rock, large three to four-man basalt rock, ecology blocks and much, much more.

Our project managers will be dedicated to your project from conception to completion. At Transblue we build only the best walls. From the simple to the spectacular, trust your industry leader Transblue.

Retaining Wall

Water Features

Transblue installs waterfalls, ponds, water features, Koi ponds, and much, much more. At Transblue we will install multi-tiered waterfalls for your business park center piece, or calm relaxing walk through your corporate campus, water features enhance entertainment and enjoyment for your clients and employees. We install water features in patios and garden beds, around putting greens, above and around retaining walls, even around and through decks and concrete. We install custom water features for HOA’s, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, and residential properties. At Transblue we use only premium pumps, screens, and filters. At Transblue we can build and design any idea that you may have or create a beautiful design specifically for you. Let Transnblue build your water feature and we will deliver a product that will be beautiful and stand the test of time! Call us today!

Photo by Tejas Prajapati from Pexels

Landscape Lighting

Transblue is the premier landscape lighting company in the Northwest. Our teams of trained professionals install only premium landscape lighting. When you are looking to greatly enhance your back yard entertaining space or just light up your driveway, then call Transblue. All wires are directly buried in the proper conduit at the proper depths. All transformers are hardwired and installed in the most strategic areas. Our lighting systems have timers or light specific sensor eyes. All our products carry a lifetime warranty.

We install black, silver, copper and many other landscape lighting colors. Also, we install many different types of lighting systems. For example, we install LED products to reduce energy costs and provide longer lasting lighting solutions.

Call today and find out which system is best for your landscape. Our landscape lighting will enhance your properties look while adding safety and security to your surroundings. Our landscape lighting will make your landscape beautiful today.

If your apartment complex or condo building needs to add lighting to signage or entrances we are the right company for you. If your business park or commercial building is looking to enhance their landscaping while adding security to the premises call Transblue. Let us install the landscape lighting you need most. From residential to commercial lighting, we are the company for you.

Decking and Fencing 

At Transblue, we build and design custom decks and fences. Our carpenters have built over 1000 decks and fences. When we build decks and fences at Transblue we use only premium products.

All decks and fences are framed with pressure treated materials to insure long lasting quality. All fences posts and cross beams are built with pressure treated lumber as well.

When installing decking, we install Trex, TimberTech, AZEK decking, iron woods, composites, cedar, pressure treated, aluminum, Gaco, Elastomeric deck coatings, and much more. When installing fencing whether we are using pickets or standard fencing, we install only quality materials. If you’re looking for chain link fencing, we install black and metallic. Normally we install fencing from 4ft -10ft in height.

Hardscapes – Pavers, Flagstone, and Fire pits. 

-Excelling in the installation of hardscapes, patios, and walk ways can truly enhance your properties curb appeal. We install retaining walls, natural stone, flagstone and wall stone, pavers, fire pits, etc.

-Let our team of designers, install a new walk way, or comfortable patio to relax on, or new drive way to your property. Installing hardscapes is a skilled profession and must be done correctly to be a long-lasting solution to your property. Call today for a free consultation.


Drainage systems are a key to properly protecting your property from unwanted water. At Transblue we provide complete drainage systems. Our team of highly trained professionals will review your current drainage issues, and provide a cost effective solution to your existing drainage problem. Call us today for a free consultation.
We install:

  • French Drainage Systems
  • Grate drainage systems
  • Box drains
  • Curtain Drains
  • Containment systems
  • Sump pump drainage systems
  • Dry wells
  • Water channels


At Transblue we ensure that every irrigation tech working on your property is a trained irrigation technician. Each irrigation tech can complete any faze of your irrigation project. If you’re looking for a comprehensive irrigation system installation Transblue is the company for you to call.

Our teams of irrigation installers have installed hundreds of irrigation systems throughout North West. Our teams install commercial systems for commercial clients across North West. Our designers implement the very best water management plan for your geographical region. Our teams work closely with supply houses to ensure the cost is negotiated and the savings are passed on to your brand.

If you’re looking to install a new system, repair an old system, add on to a new system, or just add a maintenance package we are the company best suited to install your irrigation. We install commercial irrigation systems for large buildings, condos, apartments, department stores, HOA’s, parks, plus much more. We install residential systems for home owners, apartments, and property management companies.

Installing an irrigation system is the perfect way to control your water management. Our systems are very user friendly. We install all backflow preventers and shut off valves to city and county specifications. We install all schedule 40 and 80 irrigation piping, and we install all piping under freeze lines to prevent cracking and breaking of irrigation lines. All systems are tied directly into the designated meters.

Every system is installed with a water rain sensor to monitor rain fall. What this means to you is that if it’s raining, your system will not turn on, but will delay until the next watering cycle, saving you money. Each of our systems is designed to save you money. With our water control programs we will adjust your system monthly or weekly to properly manage your irrigation system to save you money and conserve water.

Our repair teams work 24 hours a day to respond to any emergency you may have. Our irrigation services include installation, repair, additions, maintenance, backflow testing, startup and blowing out of all irrigation zones and lines, drip systems, soaker systems, and design and much more. We work with Rain Bird, Hunter, Toro, Orbit, Weathermatic and others. Call us today and let us create the perfect system for you.