Labor Day Activities 2020

Labor Day 2020, am I right? Just because we are all stuck at home this holiday doesn’t mean we have to be stuck inside. Our plans don’t have to be ruined, and we can still enjoy the sun. Many of us had plans of baseball games we wanted to go to, road trips to take, and state fairs to enjoy. Maybe we can’t do those things now, but we can try and bring a little bit of their magic into our backyard. We gathered a few great Labor Day activities for you and your family to enjoy this holiday weekend. 


DIY Backyard Beach Day 


Going to the beach is a staple of summer. It has left many of us missing the salty water and even the sand in your shoes. So I say, why not just bring the beach to the backyard? 


This Labor Day activity isn’t too complicated. You don’t need much to bring the beach to your house. If you don’t already have a pool, get something that you can use instead. A blow-up pool would be perfect. If you really want to get authentic, throw some salt in there. After your pool is set up, it’s time to grab some sand. If you are using a blow-up pool, then put the sand down first. Make a divot in the sand to place your pool in, that way the sand goes up a little higher and you feel more immersed in your experience. If you do have a pool, find a space close to your pool, or you can put a lot of sand, but make sure it is a safe distance away from the pool. Also, you probably should accept the fact that you’ll be cleaning your pool of sand afterward.


Make sure you have enough sand to build a sandcastle, Sandcastles are very important. What kind of beach are you building if you don’t have enough sand for sandcastles?! Maybe even have your own sandcastle competition, which takes us to our next product that you will need; beach toys. You may already have some laying around, If not, then you can find them at most stores around this time. I would suggest letting your kids or adults choose their own. Everybody should have a say on what their sandcastle is going to look like. There are only three more things you need to do truly bring the beach to your backyard: a beach umbrella, a giant wide-brimmed hat, some sunglasses, and of course, the most important thing you need is your sunscreen.


Classic Baseball Games


We have all heard the idea of having a baseball game in your backyard. Even outside of quarantine, people were playing baseball in their backyard as a Labor Day activity. This isn’t exactly what I’m suggesting here. I’m suggesting you throw up a white sheet, get a projector, and put on an old baseball game. Sure we have some games being played now but they’re not the same, are they? It doesn’t even have to be baseball, though baseball screams Labor Day weekend. Take the time to revisit some of your favorite games or put on an old classic game! This one is a little bit more complicated than bringing the beach to your backyard. But there are three main things you will need; A white sheet or something to use for the screen, a projector, and access to an old baseball game. If you don’t have a streaming service in which you can watch baseball games, You’re in luck, the MLB YouTube channel has a whole playlist of classic games. Scroll through and find a good one to watch with your family. Voila! You have your own baseball game in your backyard now. All you need is now is some good ole’ fashioned stadium food, so grab some popcorn, peanuts and a hot dog and enjoy the game. 


Chicago hot dogs

Around the World Hot Dog Festival


Did you know each region of the country has its way of making hot dogs? That’s right; there’s more to hot dogs than just ketchup and mustard, oh no, there’s so much more. Ever think about putting peppers on your hot dog, maybe some cream cheese? Many cities seem to have their own way of making a unique hot dog. So while you’re missing out on the food festival you were really hoping to go to, now is the time to create your own; Around the Country Hot Dog Festival. Some of our favorites are The Chicago dog (Onions, tomatoes Peppers Pickles on a poppy seed bun), New York dog (sauerkraut and mustard ), and my personal favorite Seattle dog (onions and cream cheese). Cream cheese on a hot dog? Trust me; its better than it sounds. There are so many other different types of hot dogs you can try. West Virginia, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and even Alaska have their own way of making a hot dog. Alaska even uses Caribou, which they call a reindeer dog. Depending on the family, that dog is either going to go over real well or really bad. Any food festival wouldn’t be complete without drinks and dessert, sparkling strawberry lemonade, and the classic s’mores make for a guaranteed good time. 


I know many of us had plans of baseball games, road trips, and food festivals, and while those are just hopes and dreams, for now, we can use this time to create new traditions. So enjoy this Labor Day, don’t dwell on what could have been, create a new tradition, and just make sure to have a good time. In the year 2020, we all deserve to have a good time! 

Labor Day regional hot dog menu

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