Fire pit filled with fire glass

Fire Glass

Fire glass is a beautiful and environmentally friendly choice to use in outdoor natural gas or propane fire features. With dozens of colors to choose from you can customize it to fit your overall design. It is smoke free, ash free, odor free, non- toxic fabulous alternative to word burning fire places. It is a tempered glass and that is the main important difference in fire glass – it must be tempered.

Fire glass has changed over the years and there have been new styles on the market recently. Now they come in all types of shapes and colors….stars shapes, jelly bean shaped, rounded beads, crushed and dozens of colors selections!

The maintenance of fire glass is very low. Over the years the clarity of the glass may diminish slightly, but shouldn’t be a dramatic change. If individual pieces or areas of the glass get dirty you can take them out – when the fire feature is off and the glass has completely cooled – and wash the glass in simple soap and water. Of course, if you wanted to update the glass style or color it is a relatively inexpensive item to change out for freshening the look of the fire feature.

The price of fire glass varies, but generally you can find 10 pounds of fire glass for $50 – $85. Depending on the size of the fire pit will determine how many pounds you will need to order. To minimize cost, you can fill the lower area with lava rock to bring the height up and only cover the top area with glass.

A quick cheat sheet to determine how much you will need to order.

24″ 1 1/2″ depth of glass = 36 lbs

24″ 1″ depth of glass = 24 lbs


30″ 1 1/2″ depth of glass = 56 lbs

30″ 1″ depth of glass = 38lbs


36″ 1 1/2″ depth of glass = 80lbs

36″ 1″ depth of glass = 56lbs


48″ 1 1/2″ depth of glass = 144lbs

48″ 1″ depth of glass = 96lbs


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