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We want to introduce our employees here at Transblue. In the next few weeks will take you inside the offices and out on the construction jobs to learn a bit about our amazing team we have!

We will start with Kristina’s questionnaire!

Name: Kristina Yakunina
Position & why you like your job: Marketing Spec & Web developer. I like to work at Transblue, because here I can do something that I love! I started to work at Transblue as a Data Entry Clerk. At that point I had my bachelor’s degree in IT technologies and later received Certificates of Web Development and Web Design, so I had a chance to get a marketing position and work on the websites for Transblue (including www.transblue.org and www.transbluefm.com). Working with computer programs and tweaking the code is my passion, so I am very happy to do my job and (hopefully) make our clients happy with what they see.

How long have you been with Transblue: I joined Transblue in July 2016, so almost 2 years now!

Bio: I came to America in 2010 and I love it here! As a result of me being born outside of America, I speak two languages fluently: English and Russian, with Russian being my first language (I used to speak German very well too, but had no practice all these years, alas). For fun I like to play video games and visit places.

Fun fact: everyone at the office can tell you that I like heat and hate cold. I cook my coworkers sometimes, but heat is better than cold, trust me!

Any talents outside of work? I write poetry (I even won few small awards) and I am a loyal (and good!) player of League of Legends.
Anything else you would like to share? Well, I love my cat

Marketing Spec Employee

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