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David Wescott Featured in SIMA Podcast Episode

Transblue CEO Dave Wescott is a featured guest on the SIMA Snow Talk podcast. After recently joining the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) board of directors, Dave got to share some knowledge, experience, and predictions for the next winter services innovations. 

SIMA, being the leader in snow and ice management, is the source for much of the industry’s educational and technical knowledge. Their podcast “Snow Talk with Mr. Freeze” provides in-depth interviews with nationwide industry leaders.

Dave Wescott talks about how Transblue uses weather analytics to better serve his customers.  “Weather management is the new cornerstone of service reporting,” Dave explains. “Pulling data from weather management analytics and… [provides clients] with the highest level of accountability and visibility for them to hit their KPIs.”

Innovation in the snow removal and winter service industry has been stagnant for quite some time now. However, in this podcast, Dave gets into details about how weather forecasting software is a huge area of opportunity for investment. He also details how geotagging technology is developing to keep all stakeholders on the same page. 

Listen to the full SIMA podcast episode here, also featuring Shannon Kenny, Vice President of Operations for SMS Assist.

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Zack Chihuaque is Transblue’s marketing powerhouse, a Photoshop brown belt, and a maximum-level trainer in Pokemon Go. His favorite Pokemon is Charizard, because he, too, loves to burn away the (marketing) competition.

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