Creating and Updating ADA compliant businesses

Were you aware that not ensuring that your parking lot is ADA compliant can result in significant costs? Not only could you potentially be sued by a disabled individual, but you could also face fines from state and federal regulatory agencies. The Americans with Disability Act states that every business shall make accommodations for anyone that falls within the ADA guidelines.

A business that is determined to provide accommodating to every type of person, shows a very credible business. Automatic door may not be necessary, but it a nice touch to your business that will not go unnoticed. By taking the necessary steps to staying current on requirements can save a huge fee and/or fine for your company. As stated by the ADA under paragraph 36.201 General Requirements

“(a) Prohibition of discrimination. No individual shall be discriminated against on the basis of disability in the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations of any place of public accommodation by any private entity who owns, leases (or leases to), or operates a place of public accommodation.

(b) Landlord and tenant responsibilities. Both the landlord who owns the building that houses a place of public accommodation and the tenant who owns or operates the place of public accommodation are public accommodations subject to the requirements of this part. As between the parties, allocation of responsibility for complying with the obligations of this part may be determined by lease or other contract.”

Click here for the full ADA requirements.

parking lot

A parking lot is your businesses first impression for customers. If your parking lot looks like swiss cheese, that doesn’t represent your business well. By having smooth paved walkways for wheelchairs and walkers is a great way to invest in your company and show your patrons that you really care. We can do a quick patch resurface or even remove all current swiss cheese driveway, broken curbs, and unwanted concrete and install smooth new black top throughout your property.

parking lot

We can re-stripe all the parking spaces, including the handicapped spaces for a clean, professional, and complete job. If you are adding an ADA ramp, we can add any required railings per code.  Perhaps even update and refresh your front crosswalk area as well. We can install speed bumps to slow any speeding traffic throughout your property.  Really show your customers that you are going above and beyond by providing a total and complete solution to the parking area.



compliant ramp and Ramp down to street level for cross walk.




Addition of an ADA compliant ramp to an existing stair case to complete code requirements.






Ramp down to street level for cross walk. Fresh striping for crosswalks.




modern and artistic way to incorporate both stairs and ramps.





A very modern and artistic way to incorporate both stairs and ramps.





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