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Illuminating Your Property with Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Facebook Twitter Instagram Having guests over for an evening outdoor dinner? Want to set a specific “ambiance” to your home garden? Outdoor landscape lighting gives more personality to any part of your home’s exterior! Many people are out working after hours and come back to a dark home and backyard, therefore backyard time is pushed

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How to Maintain Hanging Plant Baskets

There’s no denying that hanging baskets are attractive and can transform an otherwise ho-hum area into something special, but they come with certain hang-ups. Let’s face it: Hanging plant baskets and containers can be heavy! One way to reduce the weight of a hanging basket is to use a light potting mix, ideally one that

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Flexibility with retaining walls

Nearly every single property owned, managed, or being developed has some sort of retaining wall structure. Modern retaining walls capture the beauty of the landscape and add an element of design not often see in older outdated properties. If your thinking of updating an exterior, these options are phenomenal, if your building a new location,

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Welcome to the Transblue blog! Looking for the latest information on all of Transblue’s projects, guides to tackling your own home improvement projects, and exterior design inspiration for your dream backyard? You’ve come to the right place. Here at the Transblue blog, you can learn more about how to use stamped concrete in your backyard, everything you ever wanted to know about zeolite, and how we work smarter with Microsoft 365.

At Transblue, we pride ourselves on quality exterior design services by qualified experts. We want to share our expertise with you however we can, and our blog is one way that we can do that. If you like what you see, give us a call—we’d love to bring our knowledge of exterior design to you and help you create the beautiful backyard of your dreams.

HomeStreet Foundation Charity Golf Tournament

HomeStreet Foundation Charity Golf Invitational benefits local charities and non-profits. In the past five years, the HomeStreet Foundation Charity Golf Tournament has raised $250,000 for local charities. This will be the annual event’s sixth year. It will take a place at The Golf Club at Newcastle on Friday, August 17th, 2018. Golfing will begin at

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Best Northwest plants, part 2

Time to continue and discuss more of the Northwest plants! Siberian cypress has graceful form, attractive foliage and has height of just 1-2 feel. Siberian cypress is evergreen, wide-spreading plant, which makes it perfect groundcover. It looks great in combination with boulders or retaining walls, as part of your landscape. Siberian cypress prefers full sun

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Seattle Urban Oasis

Transblue is the leader of world class construction. Transblue designs and builds stunning landscape masterpieces that enhance your outdoor living space and increase your quality of life. These designs are not just projects – they are birthday parties, anniversaries, celebrations, and quality time you’re your family and friends. This Street of Dreams project was performed in

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Best Northwest plants, part 1

It is important to pick plants what will grow well in the environment, where you will plant them. Since we live in Northwest, here is a list of stunning Northwest plants what will be a great addition to your garden: First of all, lets take a look at Bugbane or cimicifuga – beautiful perennial, with

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Personalizing your concrete

Concrete is such a versatile material. You can guarantee your new concrete patio will look nothing like your best friend’s back yard. Not only can you form concrete to any shape, concrete can also be stained, stamped, engraved, stenciled and more! With a concrete patio or pool area, you have the opportunity to let your

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Employees introduction Marketing Spec & Web developer

We want to introduce our employees here at Transblue. In the next few weeks will take you inside the offices and out on the construction jobs to learn a bit about our amazing team we have! We will start with Kristina’s questionnaire! Name: Kristina Yakunina Position & why you like your job: Marketing Spec &

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Outside fireplace patio

Outdoor Fireplaces – Bring Warmth to Your Backyard

Just as the kitchen is the center of socializing in your home, the same can be said for an outdoor fireplace. A cozy sitting area next to the mesmerizing dancing flames is sure to draw a crowd. There are many benefits to installing an outdoor fireplace.  It’s a popular trend for outdoor patios and we

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Fire pit filled with fire glass

Fire Glass – A Stunning Addition to any Fire Pit

Fire glass is a beautiful and environmentally friendly choice to use in outdoor natural gas or propane fire features. With dozens of colors to choose from you can customize it to fit your overall design. It is smoke free, ash free, odor free, non- toxic fabulous alternative to word burning fire places. It is a

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Thanks to All of Our Customers!

Thank you to all of our customers who have made us a highly rated Google Business. We’re humbled by such a wonderful reception to our company, and grateful to every single one of you who has left a review for our site. Your feedback, support, and words of encouragement are the fuel that keeps us

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Fence with tulips

Fences and what you should know about them

There are many reasons to build a fence on your property. Privacy and security are the two big factors. By knowing the main reasons, you will know what kind of fence do you really need. Privacy and security are the main reasons for installing a fence. This could be nearly any shape or size – but

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cute little dog

Synthetic turf and dogs

April is still here, and it is a National Pet Month (you can read about it here)! Who doesn’t love their pets? They are part of our families and that’s why we decided to write about pet-friendly synthetic turf. Synthetic turf has many benefits, but let’s talk about pet-specific benefits. So why it is a

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Deck at the backyard

Want a New Deck? No Problems!

Ready to see a wonderful backyard transformation?  Take a look at how we took this backyard from basic to beautiful with a new deck! First, we have to remove the existing deck and set up for the new one. It doesn’t look like much at this point in the process, but there’s still a lot

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8 Ways to Cut Remodeling Costs, Part 1

Original article is on Angie List (link) Planning a major renovation sometimes leads to a sticker shock: the average kitchen remodel costs nearly $57,000, while a bathroom renovation runs nearly $17,000 on average. Don’t let those numbers put a damper on your design dreams. It’s possible to cut costs on a remodel without cutting corners.

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House with a nice road and driveway around

Driveway Layout

The entrance to your home can really set the feel for your home. If you are reconstructing the layout of your driveway, there are a few things to consider. Function, form and aesthetic appeal.When designing a new driveway, we consider the following: how do you want your driveway to function? Do you need space for

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8 Water-Saving Home Renovations, Part 2

You’ve read part one of our guide to saving water with home renovations, and now you’re ready to learn even more ways to save money and water with small home renovations. Check out the rest of our guide below, adapted from HomeAdvisor’s guide!  5. Install a Water Aerator on Your Kitchen Sink It doesn’t get

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8 Water-Saving Home Renovations, Part 1

Home renovation is a popular topic. That doesn’t mean everyone is thinking about a complete remodel—renovation reasons can include saving money, thinking about ecology, or just making something cool. Let’s talk about renovation that can help you save money on water expenses.  Water-saving renovations may not be the most glamorous renovations to come to mind,

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newly installed sod

Renew Your Lawn with New Sod

Does your lawn look healthy? Does it make your back or front yard feel cozy and inviting? If you’re not sure, it may be time to renew your lawn. A new lawn can be difficult to install and maintain without experience. At Transblue, we’re here to help! We can renew any lawn by installing new

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Retaining wall, water feature, lights

Luxury Outdoor Remodeling

Transblue builds beautiful outdoor living spaces. We’d love to help you make your exterior design dreams come true! Look at this wonderful backyard transformation, step by step: At the beginning of work, we clear the space. It doesn’t look like much during the process, but removing the existing plants and debris gives us a fresh

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