The Benefits of Solar String Lights

With so many of us having to stay inside this year, creating spaces simply for relaxation and joy is more important than ever. A space designated for entertainment, joy, and relaxation can help people while we wait for normalcy to...

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Thanksgiving outside with people and turkey

How to Have Thanksgiving Outdoors 2020

Surface To have Thanksgiving outdoors, you to have an optimal setting for your dinner table, you need a dry, level, and stable surface. A concrete patio or even a wood deck is your best bet. Ornate stamped concrete will give...

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3 Things That Will Make Snow Season Easier

Snow season can cause headaches. When not prepared, they can cost you time and money. As soon as the snow starts to fall, many people start to worry about how they will keep their businesses open. Snowplow services don’t just...

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Outdoor Decoration Ideas for This Fall

Fall is here! Welcome crisp weather, sweaters, cozy blankets, and some warm fall drinks. After a summer of staying inside thanks to Covid 19, many of us are still itching for that outside time we didn’t get enough of. While...

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Why You Should Choose Fire Glass

All of us are spending more time outside than ever. With the current state of the world, our backyards have become a space to escape and relax. As the leaves change, the air gets crisper, and pumpkin spice lattes are...

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anti-icing what is it? how to do it?

What is Deicing, and how to do it?

As a California native, I never truly experienced a below-freezing day until I moved to a colder region of the United States. What I once imagined to be a cozy winter wonderland quickly turned into a slippery and frigid catastrophe....

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