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Celebrate America Recycles Day With These Upcycling Ideas for the Garden

Want to infuse your garden with a sense of sustainability? This America Recycles Day, consider turning some of your trash into treasure with these upcycling ideas for the garden! Upcycling refers to taking things that you might otherwise throw away and turning them into something new. It’s not just recycling—it’s the “reuse” part of the

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Illuminating Your Property with Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Facebook Twitter Instagram Having guests over for an evening outdoor dinner? Want to set a specific “ambiance” to your home garden? Outdoor landscape lighting gives more personality to any part of your home’s exterior! Many people are out working after hours and come back to a dark home and backyard, therefore backyard time is pushed

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Welcome to the Transblue blog! Looking for the latest information on all of Transblue’s projects, guides to tackling your own home improvement projects, and exterior design inspiration for your dream backyard? You’ve come to the right place. Here at the Transblue blog, you can learn more about how to use stamped concrete in your backyard, everything you ever wanted to know about zeolite, and how we work smarter with Microsoft 365.

At Transblue, we pride ourselves on quality exterior design services by qualified experts. We want to share our expertise with you however we can, and our blog is one way that we can do that. If you like what you see, give us a call—we’d love to bring our knowledge of exterior design to you and help you create the beautiful backyard of your dreams.

How to Maintain Hanging Plant Baskets

There’s no denying that hanging baskets are attractive and can transform an otherwise ho-hum area into something special, but they come with certain hang-ups. Let’s face it: Hanging plant baskets and containers can be heavy! One way to reduce the weight of a hanging basket is to use a light potting mix, ideally one that

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Flexibility with retaining walls

Nearly every single property owned, managed, or being developed has some sort of retaining wall structure. Modern retaining walls capture the beauty of the landscape and add an element of design not often see in older outdated properties. If your thinking of updating an exterior, these options are phenomenal, if your building a new location,

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What the heck is “Zeolite”?

Synthetic turf, pool filtration, odor elimination—what do these have in common?  Zeolite—a fancy sounding name for a simple class of naturally occurring minerals consisting of hydrated aluminosilicates of sodium, potassium, calcium and barium.  Zeolites have some special properties that make them very useful—they are in a class of microporous solids known as molecular sieves—because they

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10 Things You Must Know About Retaining Walls

Before investing in a retaining wall, make sure you know these 10 key tips to ensure your project is completed for your current and future needs.   1. Incorporate the Wall Into Your Lifestyle Retaining walls are usually thought of as utilitarian and for merely holding back soil. While this is true, you can also use

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5 Outdoor Design that will Trend in 2019

1: Focus on First Impressions There is more interest in landscapes that make great first impressions. Property owners want to welcome visitors to their homes with beautiful, healthy lawns and plantings. People used to invest more in backyards, but now they’re giving more attention to the front. Water features, courtyards, sculptures and ornate paths are

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The Versatility of Stamped Concrete

One of our most popular choices for hardscape installs is stamped concrete!  Stamped concrete is regular concrete that has been impressed with a patterned stamp, leaving it with a fancier look such as slate,flagstone, brick, and many other options!  Most stamped concrete projects that we have build recently include a color admixture that comes mixed

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Transblue and Microsoft 365

Check out our new video, made in collaboration with Microsoft! We’re proud to make Microsoft 365 a core part of our operations at Transblue. Thank you to Microsoft for creating such a wonderful video and spotlighting our company on their website.

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Appreciation Letter From AVW Homeowners Association

We at Transblue take pride in our work. We are always happy to satisfy our clients—it is our main goal. Recently we received an appreciation letter from AVW Homeowner Association, a recent client we were proud to provide with greenbelt maintenance and bark upkeep. I neglected to thank you for the update on the two

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New Project in Edmonds, WA

Our clients for this project have a very big back yard and they wanted to make it more inviting. Transblue made their wish come true. We removed some trees, trimmed others, leveled the ground, installed landscape fabric, seeded it, and built retaining walls. Before In the process After Ready to take on your own backyard

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What do you need to know about pavers installation?

If you considered pavers as addition to your home, you probably heard that they might move after the installation, which is not something that you want to experience. Here is what you need to know about installation process (and you can discuss it with your vendor), so this won’t happen to you: Base – This

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New, fresher backyard in Seattle, WA

One more project is done and one more happy house owner! Fresh, green grass – perfect for party-gathering and enjoying sunshine New Fence was also installed   In the process Before     What exactly did we do? Here is a scope of work Grading / Back of Property 1. Removed up to 20 yards of

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New Deck Renovation in Seattle!

One more project is complete! We built a beautiful deck in Seattle WA, so these homeowners can enjoy their time outside. Before: First, we removed the old desk and laid the groundwork for the new one. Just removing the old wood and laying out the new timber makes a huge difference in how put-together the

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Colored Concrete

Concrete types, part -2

Let’s continue talk about concrete types, because there is more! Broom Finished Concrete This is, as you may say, regular way to do and finish a concrete. Of course, there is a smooth finish, but broom finished provides a high-traction surface and better drainage (note, broom marks should always be running towards the drain). However,

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Concrete types, part -1

If you are thinking about a concrete patio or a new driveway, it is good to know what are the concrete types and what kind of concrete you can have. Exposed aggregate concrete What can it be and how can you expose it? Exposed aggregate concrete is a type of decorative concrete, which reveals the

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Stamped Concrete Patio in Bothell, WA

Another backyard beautification project finished, this time with stamped concrete! Stamped concrete mixes the texture and beauty of stone like slate or flagstone to your backyard with the durability and weather resistance you expect of concrete. This affordable alternative can give your backyard a sense of luxury with a safe and durable material. Take a

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New Raised Patio in Lynnwood, WA

Are you ready to take your backyard from drab to dreamy? We are here to help! Look at this nice little patio in Lynnwood, which transformed the backyard and enhanced the view from the deck. Take a look for yourself This backyard had a lot of potential. The mixture of sun and shade is great

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Made For Managers Day Convention

On June 7th,Transblue participated in the “Made For Managers Day” Convention, held in Lynnwood Convention Center. We had a chance to meet many managers of different complexes, HOAs, and communities. It was a wonderful and productive day, so we are very thankful that we could take a part of such a great event! Our business

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