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Made For Managers Day Convention

On June 7th Transblue participated in the “Made For Managers Day” Convention, held in Lynnwood Conventional Center. We had a chance to meet many managers of different complexes, HOA’s and communities. It was a wonderful and productive day, so we are very thankful that we could take a part of such a great event!

Our business goal is not only about the profit, it is about integrity and bettering lives of people around us. It was a very good experience to share knowledge and contacts.

If you need any help with residential or commercial sites, don’t hesitate to contact Transblue!


And here is our awesome sales representative Aaron!


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Swimming pools and what you need to know about them, Part-2

Here is more information about swimming pools

Pool Accessory Options

What is a pool without few accessories? But what are they? Here is a list of some of them:

  • Diving board – costs around $350
  • Slides – costs around $1,700
  • Lights – can choose between halogen, fiber optic or LED, so the prices vary
  • Fencing – depending on the size and materials it is around $5,000 and $15,000
  • Covers – prices are in range between $139 and $1,305

Of course, these are not mandatory, but are very nice to have!

Types of pool water sanitation

If you want your swimming pool to look fresh and not smell like a swamp, you need to sanitize your water, killing algae and bacteria. Chlorine is the most popular option, but it isn’t very environment friendly. Alternatives to chlorine are saline and mineral water.

Saline pools also known as saltwater pools. They are not completely chlorine-free, but contain much lesser amount of chlorine.

Mineral water pools are chlorine-free and use disinfecting minerals to prevent bacteria and algae.

Pool Maintenance

Price of the pool doesn’t stop after installation.

A pool, just like a house, needs constant maintenance and upkeep for clean and safe swimming experience. According to ImproveNet, most homeowners spend roughly $250 on pool maintenance.

Most pools need to be cleaned, debris needs to be removed and sometimes heating system needs to be repaired. In addition, pool maintenance can include:

  • Skimming
  • Vacuuming
  • Brushing
  • Cleaning filters
  • Pool heater maintenance
  • Monitoring water levels
  • Leak detection
  • Winterizing
  • Reopening

It is important to remember, that swimming pool needs to be installed correctly, by a professional, so maintenance and upkeep will be much more manageable.

Filtration and heating

The filtration pump is the biggest energy hog in a pool system, so it is a good idea to get the most efficient pump possible. The good news is that new pumps with variable speed use up to 80% less energy, than old single-speed pumps.

If you are planning to have a heated pool, you should consider the energy consumption for that as well. Gas heaters are the least expensive to purchase and install, but typically they have the highest maintenance cost. Many pool owners go with electrical heat pumps instead, which extract heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the water.  Heat pumps take longer to warm the pool, but they are more energy-efficient, costing $200-$400 less to operate during a swimming season. Covering the pool with solar blanket to trap heat and reduce evaporation also reduces the operating cost.


You can’t know what repairs you will need in the future, but it is a good idea to know some prices of repairs.

  • Pool liner (in-ground pool): can cost $1,306 to repair and $1,500 to replace
  • Pool liner (aboveground pool): can cost $300 to replace
  • Pool heater: can cost $370 to repair and $1,400 to replace

Regardless of any cost, a pool can add value to your quality of life and enhance the enjoyment of your home. You can’t put a price tag on that.

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Swimming pools and what you need to know about them, Part-1

Swimming pool

How to pick the right swimming pool for your home?

Are you thinking about hot, sunny summer days? Can you envision a swimming pool at your backyard, where you can swim and relax, where kinds can have a lot of fun, splashing water in each other faces? If so, it is a good reason to think about what kind of swimming pool is right for you and what benefits it can bring you. Swimming pool is not only a great place to spend your summer days, but it is also an investment, which can add value to your house.
Swimming pool construction might sound scary, but pools can be in different shape and size, and the cost varies too, from affordable to extravagant.
Average reported cost of a swimming pool installation is $19,797, with the lowest cost at $200 and highest at $78,000. Normally aboveground pools cost less, but it doesn’t make it much less fun.

What is a swimming pool made of?

The material which your swimming pool built with is also make a big difference in cost. Few of most popular materials used for swimming pools are:

  • Fiberglass
  • Concrete
  • Vinyl
  • Tile

So which one is more expensive? Well, for example, concrete swimming pool is more expensive than vinyl-lined pool, but much more durable. If you want some artwork in your pool, you have an option to create an image with tiles but finding similar looking liner will save you a lot of money.

How to pick swimming pool for your property?

Available space is the most important factor to consider, when it comes to the swimming pool. You need to know how wide and tall your swimming pool can be. Yes, it is make perfect sense that you can’t build a swimming pool bigger than your backyard (normally not bigger than even a half of your backyard), but some forget that you cannot dig deeper that groundwater source or some other obstacles.
On the other hand, if you want to build an aboveground swimming pool and build a deck around it. You have to check with your local government if there is any laws pertaining to the deck installation.
Let’s talk in more close details about Above and In-ground pools

Above Ground Pool

Above ground pool is the least expensive option, usually in between $200 and $6000. No excavation cost does the trick. In addition, aboveground pool materials are cheaper and have a wider variety.
The typical height for the aboveground pool is 52-54 inches. The wall is usually made from steel or aluminum paneling, which has 20, 40 years or lifetime warranty.

In-Ground Pool

Another type of swimming pools is in-ground pools and their cost in average is $14,961 – $21,649. The cost comes from excavating, putting the walls, installing plumbing and skimmers, etc. However, it is nice to have in-ground pool, because it can last forever, and it is much easier to sit on the edge and just splash water with your feet. It is also easier to get in and out of the in-ground swimming pool.
The most popular material that is used to build inground pool is gunite. Gunite is a mixture of cement and sand. One more option is fiberglass shells or vinyl liners. They are cheaper, but need to be replaced every 10 years or so.
The main concern about swimming pool is to make sure that there is no high well water under your backyard, so the swimming pool won’t be ruined.

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HomeStreet Foundation Charity Golf Tournament

HomeStreet Foundation Charity Golf Invitational benefiting local charities and non-profits. In the past five years, the HomeStreet Foundation Charity Golf Tournament has raised $250,000 for local charities.

This year event happens for the 6th time. It will take a place at The Golf Club at Newcastle on Friday, August 17th, 2018. Golfing will begin at 11:30 a.m., as four person scramble. Golfers and non-golfers can have fun and support a great cause!

Transblue is proud to be a part of this charity event and give back to the community!

If you want to learn more about this tournament and sponsorship, you can find more information here

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Best Northwest plants, part 2

Time to continue and discuss more of the Northwest plants!

Siberian cypress has graceful form, attractive foliage and has height of just 1-2 feel. Siberian cypress is evergreen, wide-spreading plant, which makes it perfect groundcover. It looks great in combination with boulders or retaining walls, as part of your landscape. Siberian cypress prefers full sun or partial shade, even though its name can be misleading, making you think that it likes shade and cold.

Variegated Japanese forestgrass is an awesome plant to have in your garden. The slender green-and-white blades moves with the slightest breeze and airy seed heads float above the 2-foot-tall foliage midsummer. The foliage is long lasting and is a great addition to flower arrangements. Variegated Japanese forestgrass likes partial shade but can also grow in full sun if it gets enough moisture.

Moerheim Beauty – is a late summer flower with beautiful rusty red petals, and butterflies fall in love with them. Moerheim Beauty can grow up to 3 feet tall, but if you want them to be more compact, you can pinch or cut back the stems partway in June. It encourages the plant to branch more, and also makes it produce more flowers. This is a perennial flower, which grows well in full sun with average to moist soil.

Minuet’ mountain laurel – is a very compact and beautiful shrub. It does not require pruning since it grows only about 3 feet tall. Nevertheless, this little mountain laurel will explode with bright flowers in June. Blossoms are white with wide, crimson ring inside. The small size makes it good for planting into the decorative pots. Minuet prefer moist, but well-drained soil, under the full sun or in partial shade. It does not thrive in very hot areas.

One more plant to discuss is Sourwood. It is a big tree, that can grow up to 25 foot-tall. It has a rich green foliage with white flowers blooming in August. The blossoms give way to cream-colored berries, which backed by stunning fall foliage in shades of gold and scarlet. Sourwood prefers sun and acidic soil. It does not like to complete for water, so it is the best not to plant anything under the sourwood tree.

‘Gulf Stream’ heavenly bamboo – is an evergreen shrub with a compact, mounded form. It reaches 2-3 feel in height and about same in width. The new foliage is not light green, as most of us used to see, but scarlet red! But as summer comes, it slowly it becomes bluish green. As colder fall days take summer’s place, leaves turn into bright-red color again, but do not drop. Shrub develops steams of small white flowers. Thanks to the small size it is great for foundation plantings or narrow spots. Gulf Stream heavenly bamboo is easy to grow in full sun or partial shade.

Giant needlegrass – one of the most magnificent ornamental grasses. Narrow, arching foliage is very long and exotic looking. From a base of this foliage grows gigantic 6-8 foot-tall flower steam. In June the silvery-purple flower opens, turning golden when ripe. This grass is excellent for dried flower arrangements. It also can be used for erosion control. Giant needlegrass loves full sun and well-drained soil, as it is very drought-tolerant. However, it does not tolerate wet soil.

And the last, but not least is ‘Green Vase’ Japanese zelkova. It is a fast-growing tree with stunning habit and beautiful winter silhouette. It reaches 60-70 feet tall and 40-50 feet wide. In autumn dark green foliage turns to soft yellow and orange. Grown up trees have interesting bark, which is a bonus to any season beauty. Zelkova is prized for being tolerable to high winds, drought and compacted soil.

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Seattle Urban Oasis

Transblue is the leader of world class construction. Transblue designs and builds stunning landscape masterpieces that enhance your outdoor living space and increase your quality of life. These designs are not just projects – they are birthday parties, anniversaries, celebrations, and quality time you’re your family and friends.

This Street of Dreams project was performed in the heart of Seattle. This contemporary urban design built behind a large modern home with a very small back yard. Taking this little back yard and transforming it into a Seattle Urban Oasis was exactly what Transblue did.

Transblue removed approximately 100 yards of soil to enlarge the backyard space, so that all owners’ friends and family could enjoy the space simultaneously, without feeling confined or overcrowded.

After that Transblue installed two beautiful 45 foot retaining walls. The base wall was 4ft tall and the upper wall a perfect 2 feet in height. The upper wall was intentionally spaced for gorgeous landscape plantings to be installed in the bed space separating the two walls.

However, that was not the end of the transformation. The water feature was installed into the wall, and dropped into a custom-built patio, which was sunk into the ground 18 inches, providing a very tranquil, deep, private patio space. With water falling directly into the patio, this place became the perfect spot to escape the busy Seattle surroundings.

And to finalize transformation the space was surrounded by environmentally, pet and child friendly synthetic turf. The turf was of the highest quality and provides an outdoor living space that requires zero maintenance. The pavers where large 2ft by 2ft pavers that enhance the feel of the property and create an incredibly relaxing backyard space. Custom lighting was installed under each wall cap and in front of the waterfall to make this a perfect place to spend warm summer evenings. Fencing and colorful plantings were installed around the living space to create the perfect Seattle Urban Oasis. This back yard is perfect for relaxing with friends and family or entertaining guests for special events!

Our clients did not believe it was possible to gain so much space and build such an amazing living space to spend time with loved ones! This space was design to be used all year long, no matter what weather conditions come through Seattle! From design to installation, from conception to completion, the designers and installers expertly delivered the perfect solution to what was thought, an unusable, urban, Seattle backyard, and now is a wonderful backyard to relax and celebrate events! Transblue delivered and superseded their clients’ expectations with this incredible project!

Seattle Urban Oasis

Retaining wall, water feature, lights

For a consultation contact the experts at Transblue today.

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Best Northwest plants, part 1

It is important to pick plants what will grow well in the environment, where you will plant them.

Since we live in Northwest, here is a list of stunning Northwest plants what will be a great addition to your garden:

First of all, lets take a look at Bugbane or cimicifuga – beautiful perennial, with long stems. Bugbane blooms in the summer with fragrant white flowers. It required little maintenance and usually reach up to 8 feet in height. Bugbane also attracts birds, so if you want more flying friends, it is a flower for you!

Next one is Blue Fortune (or Agastache) – is it super easy to grow, if you have enough sun in your yard. Blue Fortune blooms with little flowers from midsummer to fall. These tiny flowers attract butterflies and other pollinators with their licorice fragrance. Blue Fortune can have lavender, white, blue and yellow flowers, growing up to 8 feet tall.


One more plant to look at is a Frikart’s Aster. This flower is beautiful, with lavender colored petals, which normally blooms from July to October. Stems are usually 2-3-foot-tall . Stems are usually 2-3-foot-tall. The sun-loving flowers are so big and heavy, that stems might bend under the weight, especially under the rain, so good practice is to stake the plant, which worth the trouble.

One more plant worth mentioning is golden catalpa. Golden Catalpa is a small tree with heart-shaped leaves. The best thing about this plan is its colors. In a spring leaves get a touch of reg color, but then they turn to a golden-yellow color. This plant blooms with white flowers and can reach 15-18 feel tall. With a good drainage, this tree grows very well in most of the soils.

Dwarf Hinoki cypress is one more example of the Northwest garden plant. It is evergreen, slow growing and esthetic looking cypress. Normally it reaches 2-3 feet in height and be planted into the pot.

‘Gold Heart’ bleeding heart has such a romantic name for a reason. Regular bleeding heart has beautiful pink blossoms which do look like hearts. ‘Gold Heart’ variation has a beautiful golden foliage in addition to the  heart-shaped flowers, which bloom in April and May. Stems usually reach 2 feet in height.

Dove tree – one of the most beautiful flowering trees that you can have in a Northwest. This small tree came from China. In midspring flowers appears, but there is more to that. Flowers are hidden by two white bracts, which look like delicate handkerchiefs. This make this tree look gorgeous in a full bloom. Normally it grows up to 10-20 feet tall. Dove trees grow well in full sun or partial shade in moist, but well drained soil. Strong winds can harm the tree and its flowers, so highly windy places are not the best for them.

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Personalizing your concrete

Concrete is such a versatile material. You can guarantee your new concrete patio will look nothing like your best friend’s back yard. Not only can you form concrete to any shape, concrete can also be stained, stamped, engraved, stenciled and more! With a concrete patio or pool area, you have the opportunity to let your unique style come through as you design your patio to your liking. We have collected a few diffecolored concreterent ways you can personalize your concrete.

Tinted & colored – This is actual color being added to the cement mix. You can create a unique and fun color to your patio. It can be a real show stopper!

Stamped – there is nearly an unlimited choice for you to decide on! We love stamped concrete!! You can even create a faux brick, tile and wood! We love a beautiful pattern stamped into a colored concrete – it is one of our favorite projects to work on!

Scoring –  By hand scoring patterns into the cement. By scoring the cement you can control where the concrete will crack – and concrete will always untimely crack, but we can control where it cracks. This can be artistic element for the project as well!

Boarders – Boarders can be made of the same material or another common boarder used is brick. Visually this creates an edge to the patio and for safety reasons this is a nice visual appeal when there is a change in material under foot.  This can also incorporate scoring which can control cracking.

Sealed concrete –  Can provide a sheen to the look. There are even now options to do a non-slip sheen, which would be great around the pool! Sealers can enhance and protect your concrete and extend the life of it. This can be done again and again over the lifetime of the concrete.

colored concrete stairs


Paint – This can be a quick and easy way to update the look of concrete if it doesn’t necessarily need repair. You can be artistic and have fun over a quick sunny weekend for this upgrade!

Acid Staining –  This is a fun almost marbling affect for concrete. This can be done indoors and outdoors.

Concrete is a great long-lasting medium for driveways, steps, patios, and more! With so many ways to personalize your concrete you can absolutely make it unique! Call us today for a free quote on installing concrete to your latest project!

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Employees introduction Marketing Spec & Web developer

We want to introduce our employees here at Transblue. In the next few weeks will take you inside the offices and out on the construction jobs to learn a bit about our amazing team we have!

We will start with Kristina’s questionnaire!

Name: Kristina Yakunina
Position & why you like your job: Marketing Spec & Web developer. I like to work at Transblue, because here I can do something that I love! I started to work at Transblue as a Data Entry Clerk. At that point I had my bachelor’s degree in IT technologies and later received Certificates of Web Development and Web Design, so I had a chance to get a marketing position and work on the websites for Transblue (including and Working with computer programs and tweaking the code is my passion, so I am very happy to do my job and (hopefully) make our clients happy with what they see.

How long have you been with Transblue: I joined Transblue in July 2016, so almost 2 years now!

Bio: I came to America in 2010 and I love it here! As a result of me being born outside of America, I speak two languages fluently: English and Russian, with Russian being my first language (I used to speak German very well too, but had no practice all these years, alas). For fun I like to play video games and visit places.

Fun fact: everyone at the office can tell you that I like heat and hate cold. I cook my coworkers sometimes, but heat is better than cold, trust me!

Any talents outside of work? I write poetry (I even won few small awards) and I am a loyal (and good!) player of League of Legends.
Anything else you would like to share? Well, I love my cat

Marketing Spec Employee

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Outdoor Fireplace

Outside fireplace patio

Just as the kitchen is the center of socializing in your home, the same can be said for an outdoor fireplace. A cozy sitting area next to the mesmerizing dancing flames is sure to draw a crowd. There are many benefits to installing an outdoor fireplace.  It’s a popular trend for outdoor patios and we can understand why! They liven up and change nearly any landscape design and create a focal point for the backyard. There are many benefits as well as decision that need to be made when installing an outdoor fireplace.Outside fireplace with patio

First, consider what type of fuel you’ll want to use: wood-burning, gas, or propane fueled. Each one has benefits of their own, but your home may already have access to a certain type of fuel, so this question may be easily answered. Your current homes interior style may want to be extended outdoor to keep a flowing feel to the home.

outdoor oven

An available party space outside your home is an entertainers delight! A fireplace can provide an addition cooking area it can be a simple grate over the flame or this could include a deluxe pizza oven! (We vote PIZZA!)



Outdoor patio with fireput

An obvious benefit to an outdoor fireplace is pure warmth. This can be used year-round and can extend outdoor time spent by keeping your guests warm. Along with warmth comes ambiance – perhaps you’re not one for cooking or throwing parties. We know that the pure ambiance of a fireplace- either modest or deluxe, will draw your loved ones to a cozy chair next to the fireplace.


We gladly can consult you more on outdoor fireplaces and build one for you home, with your desired rationalization!