Assessing and Planning your Landscape

When making changes to the landscape and surroundings of your home, there are many things to take into consideration when investing time and money into your land. Having a 1, 3, and 5-year plan is great! Of course, not every household can do 6 big projects within 1 year, but by planning it out over a few years you can find the most effective way to reaching your goals.  It is a good idea to have an expert help you to make these decisions.

  • Distinguish between dying trees/bushes and those that just need some TLC. Dead and dying trees are a hazard in storms and wind. They need to be taken out and addressed before that season comes around. Maybe you just need some fertilizer throughout the property.
  • Look at what’s over grown and obscuring windows, walkways, doors, and driveways. Vines and trailing plants can get out of control easily. Prune back and clean up anything that is overgrown.
  • Take into consideration how much work and effort you want to be putting in.  If you don’t have the time to take care of finicky plants, don’t plant those types.  If you are in a region that is hot and dry, take into consideration how much water plants need.
  • Assess how and where plants are in their lifespan. Financially, a home owner won’t install all young plants, trees, and bushes at the same time. Stagger out the ages of the plants, so they don’t all mature and overgrow at the same time, resulting in replacing or a large pruning at one time, which could cost a lot at one time.
  • Don’t fight Mother Nature. Look at what your property wants to grow. Work with the natural environment rather than constantly fighting natural tendencies of the land and area. If your home backs up to a stream, embrace it. Plant water heavy or even aquatic plants. Yellow flag, Louisiana Iris, Palm Grass or even water lilies would be fun!
  • Ask yourself what is a ‘Must’ on your list. Do you need ramps for the patio entrances for Grandpa Joe’s wheelchair? Does your home back up against the community park and you need to plant a privacy row of tall trees? Do you need covered parking for your RV? Will your child be the next Michael Phelps and you need an Olympic sized swimming pool installed? (Hey, you never know!)

Contact us today and we can walk your property and assess how best to go forward with changes to the landscape!

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