Art in your Yard

Yard art isn’t plastic pink flamingos and gnomes anymore!!! Yard art has a whole new meaning nowadays. While nature always takes center stage in the garden, you can always accentuate the look by adding amazing art pieces that bring a unique flare to your backyard. Art canhouse number sign be incorporated into seating, fountains, planters, and the overall landscape architecture.

A fun way to incorporate art into your front yard in a sleek and stylish way is to use your address signage and mailboxes in a fun and unique way. This also creates curb appeal in a unique way fit to your style. Stand out from your neighbors by personalizing this front area of your home!

pretty house number sign



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Seating is a practical way to incorporate art in your yard. It could be a whimsy flower garden bench or a modern sleek custom-made seating. By creating conversation pieces within your yard, you can rest assured that there will never be a lull in your backyard!

art bench

After your guests have gotten comfortable – give them something to look at! Fire pits and fountains are interactive ways to welcome your friends and family. Fire pits can be used year-round for smores and cozying up after a long day. By combining fire and water features it’s a guarantee show stopper!

Art can be within all areas of your yard. If you have a theme or overall feel to yourfire pit  outdoor space, it’s easy to incorporate it throughout. The fence, tree placement, water features, gazebos, and of course patio design can all include art into your yard. It could be an upcycled whimsy garden feel, an Japanese retreat, or a super modern crisp back yard.




Of course, if flamingos are the theme of your yard, I found a 9 foot one here. Yes, a 9-foot-tall flamingo. It’s a bargain for $10,000. Call us today and we can help you design your landscape around your new yard art piece!

9-foot-tall flamingo


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